2019/2020 Ski Day 1: Sunday River

This was this first time I’ve been to Sunday River (@SundayRiver) this early in the season. Only the Locke triple was running, and while they had a top-to-bottom path, they were employing the mid-station for those who just wanted to lap the top of the mountain.

Locke triple at the start of the day

The crowd was thick at the base to start the day, and never really thinned out, in large part because they had to leave empty chairs for those boarding at mid-station.

View from Locke summit on first run

The top third skied pretty well, considering the fact that it was mostly man-made white stuff.

Uploading at the Locke mid-station

Below mid-station was death-cookies, but the top is such a short run I only uploaded there once.

Late-day lines

The long lines at the base dragged on until the end of the day.

Still, it beat not skiing.