2020/2021 Ski Days 3-15

Barred Owl at Berkshire East

It was a rough season, mostly spent in-state. The lines at WaWa were awful, so I ventured out to Berkshire East, which is a great little place. NH and ME opened up late in the season, so I got to hit Loon, Cannon, and Sunday River.

Day 3: Wachusett
Day 4: Wachusett
Day 5: Sunapee
Day 6: Berkshire East
Day 7: Wachusett
Day 8: Berkshire East
Day 9: Berkshire East
Day 10: Berkshire East
Day 11: Cannon
Day 12: Cannon
Day 13: Sunday River
Day 14: Saddleback
Day 15: Loon
Booting up in the lot loses its charm above freezing
Cabanas at Berkshire East
Snow day at Cannon
Looking down Profile, at Cannon
Thin conditions at Sunday River
Saddleback, very late season: Dazzler, on the way to Tight Line
Saddleback: Tight Line
Loon: Final, snowy day

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