2019/2020 Ski Day 4: Loon

Back to Loon.

A day trip mid-week meant the lifts would start spinning at 9:00. My alarm was set for 6:00. After exercising the snooze button twice I was out of bed at 6:18 and in the car with a travel mug filled with coffee at 6:50. As I crested Route 2 I caught the sun rising over Boston in the rear view mirror. Light traffic and clear weather got me to the mountain with time to spare.

Peering over the Angel Street headwall

First run of the day was Angel Street, followed by a trip up the North Peak Express, and then Walking Boss.

Upper Walking Boss: firm corduroy under a blue sky

Angel Street skied alright, but Walking Boss was marginal. There’d been a thaw the previous day, and the overnight re-freeze had taken a serious toll.

The Run of the Day was Upper Picked Rock, thanks to a continuous pelting of fresh, man-made snow. The deep, soft bumps were a happy contrast to the crust, death-cookies, and boilerplate ice elsewhere on the mountain.

Guns making some of the soft stuff on Upper Picked Rock

Lunch was a quick bowl of beef stew at the Summit Cafe.

Loon Pond from the Summit Cafe deck; Tote Road quad and the upper terminal of the Lincoln Peak Express on right
Atop Sunset: gondola upper terminal and Summit Cafe to the right, Loon Pond to the left

In the afternoon, testing Lower Flume, I made my first fall of the season: a minor skis-out, butt-on-the-ground gaffe I blame completely on the icy conditions. The trail is steep enough that a quick push was all I needed to get upright and moving again.

Feet up on the my only private gondola ride of the day

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