2018/2019 Ski Day 7: Burke Mountain

My second day at Burke Mountain was a true powder day: almost two feet had fallen overnight, and conditions were as challenging as anything I’ve ever faced. I am not a great powder skier…

A little over half way down the first run down, just as I was thinking I might be getting the hang of deep powder, I caught an inside edge and went head over heels. For the first time in three years I lost both skis. And it took a little too long for the second binding to pop; I had enough time to think, “Oh man, that ski should have been off by now. My knee! My ankle!” Knee and ankle seemed to come out OK, but later I realized my Achilles tendon had been strained.

With the powder and the injury I took things very slowly the rest of the day, which ended up being the lightest of the season (so far).

Wind turbine at the summit

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